Difficulty Verse 1

It seems to take a lot for these rappers to move me

When all they talk about is how they clap the toolie

How they hustle in the streets and they could snatch ya jewelry

How they bang legs out like Jeff Gillooly

I don't care about your little techs and uzis

I don't care about the things they Macs could do me

But truly I feel a little bit wiser

They see themselves on flyer and start wearing some blinders

Cuz all they desire is to keep rims on tires.

While I keep climbing, I gotta get more higher.

I gotta keep grinding, keep my click on fire.

Keep my circle hot, like a Kenmore dryer.

We gotta lock 'em out, we can't let 'em get by us

The world is against us everyone else is bias.

All we got is each other, we gotta stick by us.

They got our nuts in pliers but we gotta keep fighting.


Why cant things be so simple? Why must they

Be this Way?

Some problems pop up, we try to solve em but it's impossible.

They never go away.

So many obstacles try to stop you but we fight through.

Every single day.

So if you get buried, keep you head up. Don't you worry

It'll be okay.

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